Maintenance inspections are recommended and
offered by us at least every two years. Whether this
is your dream home or just a stepping stone
keeping it in good shape will save you money in
the future and keep your investment safe. We will
perform a shortened version of our full home
inspection on items that incur normal deterioration
from time, use and weather. We will give you the
list of items that need attention so you can keep
your home in tip-top shape. The cost is typically
only about half of the normal home inspection and
the peace of mind is well worth the cost.  
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For those of you with seasonal properties, having a
set of eyes to keep an eye on your property, usually
once a month, can be comforting. For a very
reasonable cost we can do a quick walk around the
house with our professional set of eyes to look for
anything that's amiss or signs of impending issues. It's
the little stuff that left alone can become big problems
in a short time. When you can't be there we will be!