Filing a claim for small
claims court usually
costs under $50 and
you can easily act as
your own attorney. You
can file for amounts up
to $5000 depending on
where you will be filing
the claim.
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If you have a leak but can't find the source, have an odor
that just won't go away, or a noise that you can't quite
figure out where it is coming from....then it is time to call
us for an investigative inspection. With pricing you can
afford, let us use the almost 40 yrs of experience to find
you an answer. You would be surprised at the reasons
why something goes "bump" in your house. But you don't
want to be surprised by the repair charges if that little
bump becomes a major problem. Find it now by giving
us a call.
                  LEGAL INSPECTIONS

We all hope that when we hire a contractor or service
person that the work they do ends up with a quality job
done the right way by a professional. Unfortunately, in
New York State, no contractor has to be licensed or
certified and occasionally, the work is substandard or just
done completely wrong. We can do an inspection for you
and provide a narrative report with pictures that you can
take back to the contractor or to your attorney in an effort
to make it right. If you have to go to small claims court or
worse, supreme court...we can provide expert witness
and testimony for you for reasonable charges which are
always discussed with you beforehand.