WHAT IS IT?

1. It is a FREE 1 year membership (worth $199) of technical support for your home manned by top
home inspector experts in their field. If you have a question about your home they have an answer! Like
having a Bob Vila all to yourself! Pick a category (roofing, electric, etc), type in your question, add a
photo if you have one -- and these nationally based home inspectors will answer it!

2. You also get HON Home Recall Alerts: About 1 in 10 homes will have a major appliance that is
recalled. We get you started with the info to easily add your major appliances and then you can add
any other items you want throughout the year. Check for electronics, baby items, etc. for any recalls.

3. You additionally get homeowner related discounts and exclusive member deals from company's
such as PODS, BJ's Warehouse, and Lowe's stores to name a few.

4. They also offer concierge utility changeover service when you get ready to move.

5. They do NOT spam you, share your info, solicit other product sales, or call you! You get a short
monthly newsletter but, other than the first email, all other actions are initiated by you! You maintain the
control over your membership and you can opt out of the membership at any time. (But we know you'll
love it!) At the end of your year - you will be offered a great deal to keep your membership if you like it.
4652 County Route 70A Bath, New York - Phone 607-566-9909 Fax