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ABI provides two types of electrical inspections. If you
have existing electrical issues that need to be
evaluated either for your own information or by
request from a financial institution or municipal code
enforcement officer, ABI will do an evaluation
complete with a report issued by us, in a narrative
report with pictures. These are billed by and
performed by ABI.

We can also provide municipal and electric company
required code compliance inspections. These are for
code compliance with the National Electrical Code as
adopted by New York State. As an employee of New
York Electrical Inspection Agency we will inspect
electrical work that is either new as a remodel or
renovation, or as a new build. These type of
inspections include reconnects after the electrical has
been off for more than 6 months, new services, and
rough and final inspections for new work being
installed. These inspections are completed by us and
the paperwork submitted to NYEIA for processing.
The final certificate is issued by NYEIA to you.
Additionally, the code enforcement official for your
town is also presented with a copy of the application
showing if it has been given a final inspection.

Give us a call and we will be happy to make an
appointment for your electrical inspection needs.
Pricing is available on our pricing page.
Electric companies we
do inspections for